2020 Board Elections Update

by Rhys Martin, President

The Oklahoma Route 66 Association had a great meeting in Elk City on Sunday, January 26th. Many thanks for the National Route 66 Museum for hosting us!

National Route 66 Museum; the motorcycle belonged to a traveler from Europe

We talked about all of the happenings along Route 66 in the Sooner State and held elections for a few board member positions. Here are the results of that election:

  • Secretary: VACANT (no candidates)
  • Treasurer: VACANT (no candidates)
  • Western Region Vice President: Pam Shelton*
  • Custer/Washita/Beckham County District Rep: Julie Lenius*
  • Delaware/Craig/Rogers County District Rep: Linda Hobbs
  • Ottawa County District Rep: Amanda Davis
  • At Large Rep: Michael Jones

Pam Shelton and Julie Lenius retained their previous positions on the board. Linda Hobbs had previously been an At Large representative; she stepped forward for the District position when the previous representative, Liz Huckleby, stepped down. We thank Liz and our previous Ottawa County representative, Jordan Boyd, for their service and hope they remain involved in the greater Route 66 community!

We have reached the submission deadline for new Trip Guide advertising; we’ve been tracking a little behind where we’ve been in years past so if you want to advertise in the 2020-2021 guide, please reach out to us immediately! We’d love to put your business in front of travelers for the coming year.

Muffler Man Art Installation by John Cerney, west of Fort Reno

It’s easy to see how the excitement around Route 66 has grown over the last few years. I drove down to Elk City from Tulsa and, as always, took the old road as much as I could. New attractions like the Muffler Man art installation near Calumet bring fresh attention to the road while a place like the Canadian River Pony Bridge keeps bringing people back. If it’s been a while since you’ve turned miles on Historic Route 66, be sure you make some time for it soon. You never know what you’ll encounter!

2 thoughts on “2020 Board Elections Update

  1. Surprised of the prominent Vacancies. What the story of lack of Oklahoma’s non-support?

    • Those positions have been vacant for some time; currently our Executive Director fills in the gap. For whatever reason, those positions have not appealed to anyone that may otherwise be interested in serving the Oklahoma Route 66 community.

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