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Oklahoma Route 66 Business Listing

Please support the Oklahoma Route 66 Association business members below by patronizing their places of business as you travel Route 66. Please let them know you were referred by this Website. If you would like to become a Business Member, it’s only $49 a year and comes with a variety of benefits. Check out the JOIN link on the menu above. Thank you!


Oklahoma Route 66 cities are listed alphabetically below. Out-of-state members and those in non-Route 66 communities appear at the end.


Afton Chamber of Commerce
309 S. Downing, 918-533-4902.

Grand Country Lakeside RV Park
Contact: Kathi Sikorski. 55015 E. 270 Road, 918-314-9508,

Town of Afton
Contact: Rebecca Collins. 201 SW 1st Street, 918-257-4304,


Arcadia Historical & Preservation Society / The Round Barn
107 E. Highway 66, 405-396-0824,

HeBrews 12:2 Coffee Shop
Contact: Tonya Ryals or Vicki Fryer 218 N.Odor Street, 405-396-5050,

Contact: Jessie and Zar Sanhu. 660 W. Highway 66, 405-928-7677,


Anderson Productions
Contact: Kathy Anderson. P.O. Box 1032, 405-341-1646.

Apple Tree Antique Gallery
Contact: Shatzy Watson. 6740 NW 39th Expressway, 405-495-0602,

Boom-A-Rang Diner
6315 NW 39th Expressway, 405-495-9100,


Boom-A-Rang Diner
117 S. Main, 918-367-9650,

City of Bristow
110 W. 7th Avenue, 918-367-2237.

Granny’s Emporium
Contact: Ann Foutch. 709A S. Roland, 918-367-1727.

Oklahoma Venue 66
Contact: Kristin Weaver.116 W. 8th Street, 918-381-4624,


Cherokee Trading Post Calumet
Contact: Sheri Wheeler. 301 S. Walbaum Road, 405-884-2502,


Elk City/Clinton KOA Campground
Contact: Hank & Rhonda Twyman. 21167 Route 66 North (Foss), I-40 exit 50, Clinton
Lake Road, 580-592-4409,


Boom-A-Rang Diner
1875 N. Highway 66, Unit J, 918-739-5252,

Catoosa Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Kara Lenard. 650 S. Cherokee, Suite C, 918-266-6042,

Catoosa Historical Society
Contact: Teresa O’Donnell. 207 N. Cherokee, 918-266-6592.

City of Catoosa
Contact: Vicky Sutton or Ashley Willhite. 214 S. Cherokee, 918-266-2505,

D.W. Correll Museum
Contact: Eric Hamshar. 19934 E. Pine Street, 918-266-3612,

Hampton Inn & Suites
Contact: Ravi Desai. 100 McNabb Field Road, 918-739-3939,

Molly’s Landing
Contact: Russ White. 3700 N. Highway 66, 918-266-7853.

The Blue Whale
Contact: City of Catoosa. 2860 N. Highway 66, 918-266-2505.


A Cleaner Place
Contact: Stephen Fuhrman. 914 Manvel Avenue,

Boom-A-Rang Diner
912 Manvel Avenue, 405-258-6793,

Chandler Area Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Marilyn Emde. 400 East Route 66, 405-258-0673, 

Chandler Route 66 Interpretive Center
Contact: Susan Pordos. 400 East Route 66, 405-258-1300,

Community Thrift Shop
Contact: Lynne Johnson. 921 Manvel Avenue, 405-258-7382,

LD’s Wrecker Service
Contact: Lonnie & Geneva Keef. 341723 E. Highway 66; 405-258-2120.

Lincoln County Historical Society/Museum of Pioneer History
Contact: Susan Morton. 719 Manvel Avenue, 405-258-2425,

Lincoln Motel
Contact: Jayesh Patel. 740 E. 1st Street, 405-258-0200.

Manvel Avenue Coffee Company
Contact: Carey Gardner. 905 Manvel Avenue, 405-258-0905, 

McJerry’s Route 66 Gallery
Contact: Jerry McClanahan. 306 Manvel Avenue, 405-240-7659.


Chelsea Motor Inn
Contact: Frank & Trudy Jugler. 321 E. Layton, 918-789-3437.

Main Street Diner
Contact: Pat Morrison. 251 W. 6th Street, 918-789-2001.

Project Chelsea, OK
Contact: Pam Stanbro. 617 Pine, 918-789-2511,


Bennett’s Route 66 Pharmacy
Contact: Stephanie Bennett. 700 N. Lynn Riggs Blvd., 918-342-8050,

Boom-A-Rang Diner
304 W. Will Rogers Blvd.918-342-0601,

Claremore Area Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Ashley May. 419 W. Will Rogers Blvd., 918-341-2818, 

J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum
Contact: Wayne McCombs. 330 N. Lynn Riggs Blvd, 918-341-5707,

Rogers County Development
Contact: Debi Ward. 1503 N. Lynn Riggs Blvd., Ste. D., 918-343-8959, 

Rogers County Historical Society
121 N. Chickasaw Avenue, 918-342-1127

She Brews Coffee House
Contact: Krista Myers.414 W. Will Rogers Blvd., 918-923-6020,

She Brews Coffee House
Contact: Krista Myers.1601 W. Country Club Drive,

Shepherd’s Cross
Contact: Dr. Diane Dickinson. 16752 E. 450 Road, 918-342-5911,

Visit Claremore
Contact: Lisa Rogers. 400 Veterans Parkway, 918-341-8688, 

Will Rogers Memorial Museum
1720 W. Will Rogers Blvd., 918-343-8118,


Clinton Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Julie Menge. 101 S. 4th Street, 580-323-2222,

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum
Contact: Pat Smith. 2229 W. Gary Blvd., 580-323-7866,

Route 66 Cafe at the Market
Contact: Judy Lamborn. 301 Gary Blvd., 580-445-7008.


City of Commerce
Contact: Michael Hart. 618 Commerce, 918-675-4373,

Hitch N’ Post Antique & Flea Market
Contact: David Mason. 401 Commerce Avenue. 918-675-4519

Dairy King
Contact: Treva Duboise. 100 Main Street. 918-675-4261.


Central Oklahoma Telephone Company
Contact: Steve Guest. 223 Broadway, 800-252-8854,

Dan’s Bar-B-Que Pit
Contact: Annita Vandever. 706 Broadway, 918-377-2288.

Davenport Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Joyce Webb. 223 Broadway, 918-377-2241,

Tammy’s Route 66 Round-up Cafe
Contact: Tammy Warden. 1023 N. Broadway, 918-377-2230,

The New Era Community Newspaper
Contact: Don Sporleder. 209 Broadway, 918-377-2259 or 918-377-4284.



Edmond Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Sherry Jordan. 825 E. 2nd Street, 405-341-2808,

Edmond Historic Preservation Trust
Contact: Stephanie Carel. 124 E. 2nd Street, 405-715-1889,

Edmond Historical Society & Museum
Contact: Amy Stephens. 431 S. Boulevard, 405-340-0078,

Contact: Deborah Blair. 3801 Pawnee Circle, 405-341-9956,

Visit Edmond
Contact: Jennifer Seaton. 2901 Conference Drive, 405-341-4344,

El Reno

Bill & Clara’s Prairie Land Ranch
Contact: Betty Johnston. 2701 W. 10th, 405-650-6651,

CDT Synthetics
Contact: Douglas Townsley. 1804 Mulberry Lane, 405-831-8741,

El Reno Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Karen Nance. 206 N. Bickford, 405-262-1188,

El Reno Main Street
119 S. Rock Island, 405-262-8888, 

Historic Fort Reno, Inc.
7107 W. Cheyenne Street, 405-262-3987,

Visit El Reno
Contact: Katie Gore. 101 N. Choctaw, 405-262-4070,

Elk City

66 ToGo LLC
Contact: Marvin Gorden. 19677 Route 66 North, 580-225-6666 

66 ToGo Ship USA
Contact: Marvin Gorden. 580-225-6666 

Bazaar on 66
Contact: Melody Murray. 1102 W. 3rd , 580-821-0575.

Elk City Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Susie Cupp. 609 S. Main Street, 580-225-0207,

National Route 66 Museum
Contact: Maxine Jackson. 2717 W. Third, 580-225-6266,

Visit Elk City
Contact: Julie Brewer. 1016 E. Airport Industrial Road, 580-225-0207,


100th Meridian Museum
Contact: Curtis L. Austin. 101 Sheb Wooley; 580-799-5054.


City of Geary
Contact: Amanda Wood. 115 S. Broadway, P.O. Box 125, 405-884-2005;


Deer Creek Market/Nutopia
Contact: Erica Doan. 109 W. Main, 405-663-2354,



Town of Luther
Contact: Jenni White. 108 S. Main Street; P.O. Box 56, 405-277-3833, 


Contact: Jessie Hess. 31 N. Main Street, 918-540-0468,

Ottawa County Historical Society/Dobson Museum
110 “A” Street  SW, 918-542-5388,

Pizza Hut Express
Contact: Scott Kreeger. 101 “A” Street NW, 918-540-2471.

Pizza Hut of Miami
Contact: Scott Kreeger.1320 N. Main Street, 918-542-6642.

Visit Miami OK
Contact: Amanda Davis. 111 N. Main Street, 918-542-4435,

Waylan’s KU-KU Burger
Contact: Eugene Waylan. 915 N. Main Street, 918-542-1696.

Oklahoma City

Collision Clinic
Contact: Lee Lawrence. 444 W. Wilshire Blvd., 405-848-7035.

Metropolitan Auto Dealers Association
Contact: Peter Hodges. 1710 N. Broadway Avenue, 405-607-0400,

Northwest Oklahoma City Chamber
Contact: Jill McCartney. 3818 N Rockwell Avenue, P.O. Box 144, 405-789-1256

The Last Drop
Contact: Stan Engle. 5425 N. Lincoln Blvd., 405-236-4533,

Voorhees & Voorhees, P.C.
Contact: Mike Voorhees. 1236 SW 89th, Suite A, 405-682-5800,

Watches, Etc.
Contact: Charlie Jansssen; 5934 NW 39th; 405-789-2824, 

Will Rogers Theatre
Contact: Carlee S. Millim. 4322 N. Western Avenue, 405-525-2294,



Freddie’s BBQ & Steakhouse
Contact: Dava Alcorn. 1425 State Highway Route 66, 918-224-4301, 

Gasoline Alley Classics, Inc.
Contact: Michael Jones. 24 N. Main, 918-806-1000.

Happy Burger
Contact: Peggy Eaton. 215 N. Mission, 918-224-7750,

Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum, Inc.
Contact: Richard Holmes. 13 Sahoma Lake Road, 918-216-1171, 

Hickory House Bar B Q
Contact: Willie & Roberta Ortiz. 626 N. Mission, 918-224-7830,

Sapulpa Area Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Suzanne Shirey. 101 E. Dewey, 918-224-0170,

Sapulpa Community Theatre
Contact: Debbie Pope. 124 S. Water Street, 918-227-2169,

Sapulpa Historical Society
Contact: Mike Jeffries. 100 E. Lee Avenue, 918-224-4871,

Sapulpa Main Street
Contact: Cindy Lawrence. 15 N. Water Street, 918-224-5709,

Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway
Contact: Brean Fowler. 701 E. Dewey, 918-224-1515.


City of Sayre
Contact City Manager Guy Hylton. 102 W. Main Street, 580-928-2260,

Contact: Suzanne Hylton. 112 West Main Street, 580-928-0002,

Sayre Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Suzanne Hylton. P.O. Box 474, 580-928-3386,

Western Motel
Contact: Priti Patel. 315 NE Highway 66, 580-928-3353.


City of Stroud
Contact: Bob Pearman. 220 W. 2nd Street, 918-968-2571, 

Rock Cafe
Contact: Dawn Welch. 114 W. Main Street; 918-968-3990,

Stroud Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Kyle Anderson. 216 W. Main Street, 918-968-3321,



AlphaGraphics Tulsa
Contact: Quintin Roberts. 2616 E. 11th Street (Located on Historic Route 66): 918-528-9132

Atlas Automotive Repair
Contact: Brian Newham. 4625 E. 11th Street; 918-910-2886, 

Buck Atom’s Cosmic Curios on 66
Contact: Mary Beth Babcock. 1347 E. 11th Street; 918-629-4606,

Cedar Rock Inn, at Redberry Farms
Contact: Sandi Dittmann. 4501 W. 41st Street; 918-447-4493,

Circle Cinema
Contact: Clark Wiens. 10 S. Lewis Avenue, 74104; 918-585-3456, 

Contact: William Franklin. 1401 E. 11th Street, Stes A & B, 918-382-7388,

Desert Hills Motel
Contact: Jack Patel. 5220 E. 11th Street, 918-834-3311.

Freddie’s Hamburgers
Contact: Brittany Scranton. 9130 E. 11th Street; 918-836-5600,

Generations Antique Mall
Contact: Art Buser. 4810 E. 11th Street, 918-834-7577,

Gusher newspaper
Contact: Michelle Fourroux. 1125 S. 110th East Avenue, 918-437-7470.

Joseph Gierek Fine Art
Contact: Joseph Gierek. 1342 E. 11th Street, 918-592-5432

Kendall Whittier Main Street
Contact: Jessica Jackson Seay. 2205 E. Admiral Blvd., 918-633-1934,

Mon Amie Spa
Contact: Hannah Lee. 1406 E. 11th Street, 918-237-0569,

Mother Road Market
Contact: Samantha Extance. 1124 S. Lewis Avenue, 918-984-9001,

Mythic Press
Contact: Cole Cunningham. 2015 E. 3rd Street, 918-516-8255;

Ollie’s Station Restaurant
Contact: Joe Gilling. 4070 Southwest Blvd.,918-446-0524,

Photography by Liz Huckleby
Contact: Liz Huckleby. 918-521-5975.

Route 66 Village, Inc.
Contact: Linda Fitzgerald. 3770 Southwest Blvd., 918-77-9906,

Sandusky Avenue Christian Church
Contact: Joe Hawkins. 1101 S. Sandusky, 918-834-4427,

The Campbell Hotel
2636 E. 11th Street, 918-744-5500,

She Brews Coffee House
Contact: Krista Myers. 1 N. Lewis Avenue, 918-933-5070,

Tulsa Regional Early Ford V8 Club of America
Contact: Gary Strode; P.O. Box 4109, 74159; 918-371-2437,

Visit Tulsa 
Contact: Matt Stockman. 1 W. 3rd Street, Suite 100, 918-560-0238,



66 Apparel, LLC
Contact: Audrey or Delbert Bowers. 117 S. Wilson; 918-256-8573, 

Eastern Trails Museum
Contact: Kathleen Duchamp. 215 W. Illinois; 918-323-1338,

Hi-Way Cafe
Contact: Elizabeth Hilburn. 437918 E. Hwy 60, 918-256-5465,

Holiday Inn Express – Vinita
Contact: Sunny Patel. 232 S. 7th Street, 918-256-4900,

Little Tin Barn
Contact: Bertha Miller. 433037 E. Highway 66, 918-256-5415.

Park Hills Motel & RV Park
Contact: Frank Nellen. 438415 E. Highway 60; 918-256-5511,

Vinita Friends of Route 66, Inc.
Contact: Stephanie Hoskin. 104 E. Illinois, 918-323-1918,

Warr Acres


Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum
Contact: Jerry Ries. 336992 E. Highway 66, (Chandler), 405-258-9141,


Best Western Plus Weatherford
Contact: Tanna Vu. 525 E. Main Street, 580-772-3325,

City of Weatherford
Contact: Yolanda Creswell. 522 W. Rainey, 580-774-4505,

Heartland Museum
Contact: Zella Gifford-Brown. 1600 S. Frontage Road, 580-774-2212,

Stafford Air & Space Museum
Contact: Teresa Schoonmaker. 3000 E. Logan Road, 580-772-5871,



City of Yukon
500 W. Main Street, 405-350-3938,

Green Chile Kitchen Rt. 66
Contact: Tara Peters. 12 E. Main, 405-265-4346,

Yukon Chamber of Commerce
10 W. Main Street, Suite 130, 405-354-3567,

Yukon’s Best Main Street
Contact:Vicky Davis . 500 W. Main Street,405-350-5999 ,

Out-of-State and Other Members

Boom-A-Rang Diners, Inc.
Corporate offices: 2330 N. Harrison, Shawnee, 74804. Route 66 locations in Chandler, Bristow, Bethany, and Claremore.

Cactus Inn & Motel
Contact: Angela Moreland. 101 Pine Street, McLean, TX  79057, 806-779-2346.

Carousel Advertising, LLC.
Contact: Ted Rogers. 512 Lou Allard Drive, Drumright, OK 74030, 918-798-6176.

Cozy Dog Drive-In
Contact: Sue Waldmire. 2935 S. Sixth Street, Springfield, IL 62703, 217-525-1992,

Grove Convention & Tourism Bureau
Contact: Donnie Crain. 9630 US Hwy 59, Grove, OK 74344, 918-786-9079,

I-Drive Norman
Contact: Michael Friedman. 2233 W. Lindsey Street, Suite 117, Norman, OK 73069, 405-551-8811. 

Meadow Lake Ranch
Contact: Sue Warren. 3450 S. 137 West Avenue. Sand Springs, OK 74063, 918-494-6000,

Mother Road Music
Contact: Jessie McEntire. 428 Hill Top Road, Lobelville, TN 37092, 931-626-7998,

RJ’s Route 66
Contact: Judith Walker. 3467 S. Bellhurst, Springfield, MO  65804,

Rising Star Productions, Inc.
Contact: Michael Anthamatten. P.O. Box 3779, Muskogee, OK 74402, 918-571-8179.

Route 66 Ultimate Guide
Contact: Scott McCoy.2815 Scarborough St, Bloomington, IL 61705, 309-340-9411 

Route Trip USA
Contact:Stephen Disbrowe. Bedford I-Lab, Priory Business Park, Stannard Way, Bedford, ENG MK44 3RZ GB; 123493866