On Saturday September 12, 2015 a group of volunteers from the Oklahoma Route 66 Association got together to do a little cleanup around the Will Rogers/Sidewalk HIghway Monument east of Afton, OK.

Photos from Afton Will Rogers/Sidewalk Highway Monument Cleanup

Here’s what was done…

  • The original concrete curbing on one side of the road was cleared from years of overgrowth.
  • We planted some bushes.
  • The protective posts received a fresh coat of paint.
  • And added a shield on the roadbed

Thank you to the volunteers!!!


Photo Scavenger Hunt

As you are probably aware, the International Route 66 Festival in Joplin, MO is coming up on August 1-3. The Oklahoma Route 66 Association is sponsoring a Photo Scavenger Hunt for you to do on your way to the Festival.
  • Using whatever camera you have and whatever apps you like…
  • Snap 6 photos of 6 different Oklahoma Route 66 Business member locations.  Business members are also listed in our annual Trip Guide.  It would be really nice if you stopped at the location and looked around, bought something, or had a snack or meal.
  • Show the photos to us at the Association’s booth and we’ll give you a Oklahoma/Route 66 trivia book.
Please see this flyer (PDF) for details:  Joplin Photo Scavenger Hunt
Hope to see you in Joplin!!

ODOT’s Cultural Resources Program

Reading through some correspondence with the Association this morning, I was presented with this web link: www.odotculturalresources.info.  It takes you to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s Cultural Resources Program website.Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 11.16.47 AM

Of particular interest to Oklahoma Route 66 enthusiasts is the section on historic bridges and the surveys that ODOT has performed on historic bridges in Oklahoma.  The most recent inventory is the Oklahoma Historic Bridge Survey: Reevaluation of Spans of Time (May 2007).  There is a specific list of historic bridges located on Route 66.  There is also a link to county-by-county maps with the historic bridge locations marked.

Another portion of the bridge section has historic bridge narratives.  These are the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) standard documents covering the bridge’s history.  I don’t see the narrative for the recently replaced Verdigris bridge though…

Another section worth exploring is the Links section.  Here you will find links to Federal regulations related to historic preservation.  This is interesting from the standpoint of making yourself knowledgable about the “rules” that federal/state agencies have to follow when dealing with historic properties.